Face Mapping Skin Analysis (10mins)  Free

Ultimate Facial (60mins)  £50.00

This is a complex skincare experience that will change the way you look after your skin. This treatment is 100% customised to your skin needs based on consultation and zone-by-zone face mapping skin analysis.

Microzone (20mins)  £20.00

Short of time this zone targeted treatment gives you a professional facial in short time, focusing on one concern you have on the day or a great maintenance treatment. 

Introductory Facial (30mins)  £30.00

Customised to each individuals skin needs, carefully introducing and selecting products to ensure your skin gets maximum results in minimum time.


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Rebalancing (45mins) - £ 35.00 (60mins) - £45.00

This facial is specially designed with ingredients to make this more beneficial for oily-combination skin. It contains extracts of mallow and cucumber which helps moisture and softens, while the witch hazel helps refine pores, removes impurities and reduce oiliness. Vitamin E helps to protect the skin leaving it bright, revitalised and shine free.

Calming (45mins) - £35.00 (60mins) - £45.00

This facial contains specialist ingredients. Extracts of mulberry help to soothe and improve skin tone. This is formulated to nourish and rejuvenate sensitive skin. While pemegrate extracts help to protect the skin against UV damage. This will leave the skin feeling refreshed and energised with a youthful appearance.

Hydrating (45mins) - £35.00 (60mins) - £45.00

This facial is formed to restore moisture in normal to dry skin. Cotton extract hydrates while balm mint and acerola provide antioxidant that help to slow down skin ageing. Aloe vera is a moisturising and nourishing extract which will leave your skin feeling soft and hydrated.